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I had heard that they are very good with hosting! so i bought the baby plan during black friday sale for 3 yrs! got it for cheap! but then, all the trouble started. they asked me for verification and i sent them the credit card scan and ID Proof. they said its not accepted so i sent another Govt. issued ID proof. then out of the blue, they send me a mail saying that i need to pay them through bank wire as there are so many frauds nowadays and blah blah to activate my account. that too a minimum of $100. i didnt spend that much for 3 yrs and they are asking me to deposit that amount for 1 yr that too which is non-refundable! why should i?? and when i try to chat with them, they say this is all we can do for you and nothing more so please cooperate!! i have never had such an experience with any of the hosts before!! i thought HG was nice! but they are some money sucking suckers.

Other reviews (2nd):

Having been a customer for over 5 years I was one super happy customer but now I am complaining like crazy . I truly depended on their support but their support desk has gone down the tubes. Chat wait times I have encountered are 18 – 30 minutes before most I ever waited was 5 minutes and to solve a problem, it was usually done same day 20 minutes but they always solved m problem. Now they take for ever to answer and they don’t answer the question I gave them.
Specifically on my last call

Wait time on Chat was 30 minutes. Tried twice I gave up and submitted a ticket.
24 hrs later ticket never answered otherthenm the automated one that said nothing.
Next DAY Went back on chat . Wait time 6 minutes to get password reset.

Then the reason I went on was to chg disk space for one website. I get a password reset because no one can tell me why password change. I use roboform etc so i know I did not change it. But I get it changed and I go to use a command I have been using for years and command does not work.

30 minutes later or whatever time the support person doesn’t tell me tells me I can’t use change disk quota command anymore but instead they told me some other way to do it

A ticket that was never answered (until a day after I did the chat call on day 2) and over 30 minutes on a 2nd chat to get at max 5 minutes of work done.

I look like crap to my customer because I couldn’t make a change on same day

On top of that I have no idea why my password stopped working in the first place. It was never explained. or a reasonable answer given like they use to.

The support provided which was normally a 5 minutes call was not. It was horrible horrible. I hope some one fixes it as I use to give 10 to 12’s and rave about support now its a 5. Something has gone horrible wrong with Hostgator support desk. I can’t recommend them like I use to because I need to see better support because that makes all the difference

3rd customer review

I had been to various free hosting and even a paid hosting when I switched to Hostgator India as I experienced a lot of downtime issues with my previous paid hosting service..
After an year now, I am greatly satisfied with my decision to switch to Hostgator just because they are so great in every aspects.
Some Points:
  1. Their support is awesome. Their Live chat itself handles so many issues. Only if it could not resolve then You may need to Open a support ticket.
  2. Their service is exemplary. The CPanel is the upgraded version and any changes in software versions is handled almost immediately.
  3. The pricing is really good. Such quality support could not be expected at this price range. But they are giving it.
  4. More than anything they have servers located in India which is my major user-base. So the site gets loaded faster than usual for my users.

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